Pohlner Landscaping Service

Property ID Job Description Done
Pohlner_s mow 2015-08-05
R_Pecks prune holy across the front (mow) 2015-08-07
Mountain_Brook_addon mow, weed-eat & blow 2015-09-30
Bakers mow 2015-10-08
Andrsns mow 2015-11-17
Mountain_Brook push mow 2015-12-07
MrkWlsn push mow & blow back yard 2016-01-25
CSCC triplex mow & blow 2016-03-19
Magnolia mow & blow 2016-06-14
BrbGlmr weed-eat & blow (mow) 2016-07-13
DrthDrm mow, weed-eat & blow 2016-08-25
CoryFox mow, weed-eat & blow 2016-08-25
Parker_s mow, weed-eat & blow 2016-08-26
FrncsCrws mow, weed-eat & blow 2016-08-29
Pharrs mow & blow 2016-08-30
Peays mow, weed-eat & blow 2016-09-02
Frst_Vw_2_Janets mow, weed-eat & blow 2016-09-04
Thompson mow, weed-eat & blow 2016-09-05
Phillips mow, weed-eat & blow 2016-09-07
MJohnson mow, weed-eat & blow 2016-09-10
LPttrsn mow, weed-eat & blow 2016-09-12
Love mow, weed-eat & blow 2016-09-21
Whitaker mow, weed-eat & blow 2016-09-21
American_Custom_Mfg. mow, weed-eat & blow 2016-10-12
Mahafey_and_Hersey mow, weed-eat & blow 2017-06-06
Pharr_Gs mow 2017-06-13
Bounds mow blow & weedeat 2017-07-11
Maple_St mow & blow 2017-11-06
Bow_St Mow, blow & weedeat 2017-11-10
Peters mow & blow 2017-11-10
Morelock_s mow & blow 2017-11-10
Frst_Vw Mow, blow & weedeat 2017-11-11
RoLyle Mow, blow & weedeat 2017-11-22
Granma_s Mow, blow & weedeat 2017-11-21

1450 Blythe Ferry Rd.
Cleveland, TN 37312

Family owned and operated
for over 45 years.

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Customer Access

It's not always easy for me to hear my cell phone when it rings... I'm often wearing headphones to protect my ears from being so close to a high pitched small engine.

However, if you can leave me a voice mail or a text message, I should notice it as I am logging my time.

Commercial Maintenance

My father grew up on a rice farm in Arkansas, so when he moved to Tennessee, he specialized in golf courses and large commercial fields.

With a mower deck sixty inches wide, it takes slightly less than an hour to mow an acre.

"Good, Better or Best"

It was one of my father's sayings... he always tried to be flexible and let the property owner define what they needed out of him.

After using this software to log my minutes in the field, I now have the data to know we average thirty dollars an hour.

Pohlner Landscaping

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